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 Ramano Maben (Founder)

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Hi there.                      

First of all, I want to thank you for being my reader. My name is Ramano Maben. I founded Bot Ship It with one simple idea in mind: Delivering total quality management from the truck driver to the customer. We deliver extra ordinary customer experience, at every given opportunity, as a result of our commitment, passion, and dedication to excellence. In doing so, it allows me to create opportunities and value for our shareholders, clients, customers, communities, and our employees. My company have been very successful because all of our referrals are regenerated from the positive customer reviews that I facilitate. Therefore, I just want to say "Thanks!"



Our people

Creating a community for impact

We offer the best prices around on high quality massage products. Our catalogs are tailored to our topmost selections of custom massage chair inventories and premier accessories. This is why it is important to seek employees who are constant learners who thrive on change and seek to have a professional impact on everything we do for communities who depend on us to be contributors as we pass the torch toward the next generations to come. 

As an up and coming business our team pride ourselves in working with very large organizations, passionate clients, customers, and partners on the web. In working alongside one of the world’s largest industry leading producers as an Entrepreneur, my strategy is to attract and retain the best staff members and provide the best working environment to inspire our team, clients, and partners all around the world. I know happy employees are more engaged to make a better experience that drives higher customer satisfaction, retention and growth for everyone we interact with and in a professional way.

My team and I always try our very best to make sure every customer is completely satisfied. If there's a problem, message us! We're happy to help.

I am proud to serve you!


Mission Statement:

 Again, I make it my mission to provide total quality management from the truck driver to the customer. We pride ourselves in providing extra ordinary customer service that will exceed our customer’s expectations and bring useful value into their everyday lives. Bot Ship It products are designed with durability and safety in mind. Throughout our entire manufacturing process, we take every measure to ensure your massage table or massage chair is built with attention and care. Safety is our number one priority, which is why all of our equipment is tested with a computerized stress analysis. By doing this we can make sure there are no weak points and that all of our equipment will hold up even in the most strenuous conditions. Our massage equipment holds up under conditions where most would not. Since our chairs are built with such strength and safety in mind, we need you and our clients to feel secure knowing your chair will not fail. We work to continuously deliver as much reliable service as possible to families all across the world who are in need of tools that will keep them healthy and sanitized, while enjoying a good environment.

Company Goals:

 We understand that it involves processes and dedication to accomplish our realistic goals and milestones to increase our yearly revenues. Therefore, here at Bot Ship It Inc, we expect to improve our key performance metrics by 100% at every given opportunity through feedback, and building professional relationships, and maintaining long term positive environments for our customers, staff, and Stakeholders internally and externally to bring moral value to our overall communities ongoingly. As an up and coming venture, we have not completely come full circle with that as of yet. That is why our services are based exclusively on positive reviews. This method should help us to reach our targets a lot faster and we plan to keep giving back as we continue to hit our mark together as a community. 


Company Objective:

 Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our demand has increased drastically, which we are currently facing some low inventory issues. We are delivering as much useful service as possible during these previous months and we are working on increasing our stock since we don't know how long this pandemic is gonna last.

  • Weight surcharge may apply for larger items and/or shipping outside of the United States.

 We built this company to establish a long-term relationship with you. Help Bot Ship It to reach our benchmark so that we can further serve you by catching up to our biggest competitors and grow within the competition. My objective is to drive down competitor prices by reducing our prices as much as possible. This intimidation strategy should attract much more attention and gain more traction towards our bottom line until we gain enough leverage to become known as a deeply rooted pillar in our communities. Furthermore, we are aiming at making sure that revenue stays ahead of the costs of doing business.

 Focusing on controlling costs in both production and operations while maintaining the profit margin on products sold is the biggest focus we are still mitigating at this moment. However, you and our team can help us to get there. As long as our customers, and staff members are happy that is all that matters most to me. At the end of each day Bot Ship It Inc. will continue to create processes to prepare our organization for growth as well as creating processes that effectively deal with a developing marketplace. Here at Bot Ship It Inc., we are gearing up to create a dynamic organization that is prepared to meet the challenges of our industry ongoingly as we earn your trust continuously with every fast and friendly encounter. One day, with your help and by getting more good folks to listen, Bot Ship It Inc. will jump ahead of the competition to bring you more premier products at the best price and with the right team every day. Thank you for helping me prove that a healthier world is still obtainable during these challenging times for everyone. Always remember, sharing is caring.



 My team and I have increasingly emerged by optimizing and scaling our ad campaigns while generating proprietary marketing techniques with 100% transparency. In the recent months we have increased our return on ad spend, boosted our conversion rates, intensified customer engagement rates and the like. We have improved our lead time to fulfil our heavy demand to source products and maintain inventory needed in a fast-paced procurement environment. In January 2021, we will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary so we are all excited to have loyal customers along the way. I want to be the first to go on record predicting that our next roll out will be a massive project and expected to involve constructing several show room floor locations in over 5-10 states.

 (Regardless of gender or age "this chair will gear you right back into overdrive after or before work!") 

Get "The Health Buddy" TODAY!


Nevan Hooker
I really wanted to buy a massage chair, but wanted something nicer than from a wholesale store or furniture place so I checked out Massage Chair Planet. They had a great selection and let me take as much time …
Posted 4 days ago
Rodney Lemense
Good discussion with Adam. Delivery shorter than promised. Second massage chair bought from Adam in 15 years. Good delivery and chair works great.
Posted 4 days ago
David Stavers
I can't say enough about how great Tanner was in helping us pick out our new massage chair. He was very patient and allowed us all the time in the world to try out the various chairs (and there was a large…
Posted 2 weeks ago
James Fosnight
I just got chair a week or so ago. I love it! My husband bought it for me for helping my chronic back pain. There is more for me to learn. My husband called to see if there is a video to help understand the cha…
Posted 3 weeks ago

Mr. R. Maben:

Founder/ CEO of Bot Ship It, Inc. 


Robyn Readicker:

"Luraco" Sales International Sales and Marketing Manager


Formal Electrical Engineer at Luraco 


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